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Discover the Farsight Difference

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Farsight Live™ – Your Competitive Advantage

Our platform offers unlimited live face to face diagnostic and technical support from brand specific factory trained technicians available with no hold times. Even better we offer advanced diagnostic tools, equipment and software, all supported by the same team.

Diagnostic Support

Get help from brand specific factory trained technicians that lead you through diagnostic or repair issues, including guided pass-through programming support by our Farsight Live™ team.

Diagnostic Technology

With Farsight you have access to advanced drivability software with automated tests, advanced test equipment like lab scopes, leak detectors, inspection cameras and more.

MVDS Platform

Farsight’s connection to the vehicles in your shop. Diagnostic software supporting all major US makes and models packed into the most-rugged and advanced tablet in the industry.

Experience the Farsight Vehicle Diagnostics Solution Difference

Farsight’s MVDS (Multi-vehicle diagnostics tool) is the most advanced and user friendly platform available today. Included with our platform is the largest touch screen ruggedized tablet offering 8 hours of battery life, front and rear facing cameras and 2D barcode VIN scan vehicle access. Farsight’s advanced, user-friendly software is always updated with the latest technologies and vehicle repair information.

Farsight MVDS is diagnostics done right. We offer the lowest cost of ownership with the highest return on investment. The Farsight platform supports all major US vehicle makes and models. Empower your shop to perform more repairs today.

Trusted Experience

Farsight was created by a group of industry veterans. They understand the needs of shop technicians and how to help them solve repair or diagnostic issues.

Farsight Results

Software developed in the USA with support locations throughout the US, Farsight provides an unparalleled customer experience. The Farsight platform provides everything needed to increase your shop’s revenue.